Negotiation Strategies and Game Theory
Contract awarding . Tender preparation . Auctions

Method "Game Theory in Procurement": Preparation of tenders and auctions

Comparability: We evaluate the Total-Value-of-Ownership of the potential suppliers and their offers . This leads to a bonus or malus for every supplier. We use it in the negotiation in order to equalize the competition argument.

Commitment: With every participant of the final negotiation round we sign in the best case even a contract that esures the procurement's compliance with the decision process communicated.

Negotiation design: Game Theory respectively Bargaining Theory and Auction Theory provide a number of forms of negotations and auctions. In different competition situations, they have different results. We analyze the competition situation and identify the optimal negotiation process together with you.

Tender strategy: Very often the analysis of the "bigger game" of the context of a tender leads to the necessity of a new strategy. E.g., if the bidder's cartel-like behaviour needs to be avoided or broken.

Method "Game Theory in Sales": Preparation for tenders and auctions

Bidding tactics: With the eyes of an experienced auctioneer, we analyse the auction- resp. tender rules of your client. From the resulting options of actions we derive the optimal bidding tactic (e.g. bidding aggressively or defensively).

Tender strategy: We analyse the "bigger game" of the context of a tender and develop the optimal tender strategy together with you.