Negotiation Strategies and Game Theory
Contract awarding . Tender preparation . Auctions


We supply consulting services and courses in "Negotiation Strategies and Game Theory" for industrial procurement and sales. In contract negotiations of any kind we are on the side of our client.


The team of Dr. Gregor Berz (i.e. the Institute of Applied Mechanism Design IFAMD) is the first address for "Negotiation Strategies and Game Theory" in Germany. With high level courses and consulting projects of maximal efficiency, we generate sustainable value for our clients.


"Game Theory in Procurement"means to utilize the competition argument in its maximum severity and fairness.

"Game Theory in Sales" means to trade off consciously and with rational calculus between market share and margin.


Our service does not include consulting in individual negotiations where our former clients would be our opponents. Because of our loyality to our former clients, we decline commissions of this particular kind.