Negotiation Strategies and Game Theory
Contract awarding . Tender preparation . Auctions

Dr. Gregor Berz has several years of experience as negotiation consultant and auctioneer in industry, on the procurement side as well as the sales side. During the last years, he has reached significant results for major companies in the electronics, telecommunication and automotive industries, the total negotiated volume accumulating to over € 10 bill. As experienced professional on both sides of the negotiation table, he is proficient in economic tools and knows the strategies of Game Theory for price negotiations well enough to save or gain a lot of money for you, too.

Dr. Gregor Berz was born in 1968, was awarded a PhD in algebraic number theory in 1995 and worked as business consultant for Arthur Andersen until 2002, at the end with procuration. Until 2006 he supported a start-up that focused on auction consulting with a scientific background. Dr. Berz is founder of the Institute of Applied Mechanism Design (IFAMD) and offering consulting services as well as seminars about the preparation of and for auctions and tenders with intensive competition. The strategies he uses are based on the methods of Game Theory.